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Posted February 04, 2005 at 11:51:10 AM by Bean

Stef and I are jumping in the Ohio River again this year for the SOKY Polar Bear Plunge.  Most of you have probably already recieved a solicitation-email from me, but incase you didn't, here is the link you can follow to sponsor me.  It's tax deductible:

Which reminds me... there will be a 2005 Summer Duck Plunge sometime in July.  Plan on it.  I'll post details as they are finalized.

Heading to Indianapolis today after work.  Playing poker tonight and then brewing all day tomorrow.  Should be fun.  Not sure what the plan is for Sunday.  I don't really care about the Super Bowl, I probably wont feel much like drinking, and the commercials (which are the main reason I watch) will be online afterwards.  Maybe Sunday will be a good day to go to the grocery store... everyone else will be watching TV.

Also, for those that give 2 craps about the beer I brew, the IPA (which was awesome) is gone and the Badunkadunk is on tap in it's place.  It's pretty darn good - fairly dry, with a wheaty-yeasty taste and great banana-clove aroma.  Better than the commercial Dunkel we tried while we were brewing.  The ESB is kegged and ready to drink as well.  It's a pretty plain beer - not much hop aroma or maltiness.  Next time it might be good to add some honey malt or maybe carmelize some of the first runnings to give it a little more of a malty kick.  It's a good beerpong beer, and BMC drinkers will probably like it.

Habba enjoy weekend.

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