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Posted March 11, 2005 at 01:05:45 PM by Bean in the Beer category
I need help.

I have so much beer in my basement that I fear some of it is going to go bad if someone doesn't help me drink it. I like brewing, but I may have to cut back on it, or else step up the drinking. I have a new neighbor... maybe he's a beer drinker. I'll ask when I meet him.

In brewing-related news: Barkley, Hicks, and I will be brewing 20 more gallons this weekend. I will probably take 10 of those. The beers are NBA and CHIPA. I finally kegged and sampled the St. Chunk's Porter from a month or so ago. It's bangtastic. Stef even likes it. The Nessie Wee is coming along nicely - I'll probably throw it in cold storage in a few more weeks and let it age there for a month or two.

In beer-related news: Rich O's, Sportstime Pizza, and the New Albanian Brewery are starting "Gravity Head 2005" today. For the next month, they'll have a large selection of high-gravity beers on tap and on cask. High gravity refers to the specific gravity of the beer before it has fermented. A highy gravity beer has a high specific gravity because of the large amount of sugars present. This large amount of sugar gets converted into large amounts of alcohol. High gravity beers range from 6 or 7 percent ABV all the way up to the 20's. Check out this link (search the page for "samichlaus") for a list of the beers they'll have.

And I'm OAT.

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